Tinninben Animation and E-Networks yesterday announced that Guyana’s first episodic animated television series, Nancy’s School Daze, is in production and will be premiered on E1 in September 2016. The announcement was made during the first night of GuyExpo 2016.


Nancy’s School Daze seeks to draw on the success and critical acclaim of Nancy’s Story, and the recently released Nancy’s Story – Boys Too, to build a character that continues to connect with children and youth to help them through the daze of growing up and learning life in both its beauty and often ugliness.


Commenting on the collaboration, E-Networks CEO Vishok Persaud said “since setting up our cable channels E-Networks has been looking for local content, and providing additional opportunities for the creative sector to connect with Guyanese audiences. We have a few shows already and this animated series represents an expansion of our offerings. We are pleased to be working with Tinninben Animation because of the outstanding work they have been doing locally.”


CEO of Tinninben Animation, Alex Graham, said “Tinninben is excited to have E-Networks as a broadcast partner since this provides an excellent opportunity for the development of long term projects like the Nancy’s School Daze series. Previously we have been only working on TV commercials and short features. However, we will maintain our focus on developing cartoons for empowering children and for behaviour change interventions.”


In Nancy’s School Daze, Nancy and her classmates are drawn into a conflict with a school gang comprising mostly of older students. Nancy uses her wit and brilliance to help her friends stay one step ahead of trouble and be successful at their school work. Along the way they will confront the personal struggles of adolescence, the group struggles of teamwork and leadership, and the ugly social issues of peer-pressure, bullying, violence, abuse, and others.


The season for Nancy’s School Daze begins in September and ends in May.

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