Health symposium reflects on sector over the past 50 years


Public Health Minister, Dr. George Norton, speaking today at a Health Symposium highlighted that over the past 50 years, Guyana has seen the building of new and the modernizing and upgrading of previously existing hospitals and health care facilities, the training of medical professionals and more.



He said the focus of his ministry has now shifted to issues such as mental health, chronic diseases, emerging infectious diseases and HIV and AIDS. These issues, among others, Dr. Norton noted, are being tackled head-on using robust Strategies and Action Plans, Chief among them being the Health Vision 2020.



The vision is that: “All people of Guyana are among the healthiest in the Caribbean and the Americas” by the year 2020.


The Government of Guyana, the Public Health Minister said is “fully committed to building a resilient health care system in which Guyanese are provided with health services which are as accessible, acceptable, affordable, timely and appropriate as possible.”



He noted too that “we are also fully committed to working towards reaching the sustainable Development Goals as we lay the foundation for a new development agenda.

Our health sector over the years has been filled with many challenges, but also with many successes.

It is our duty to work together to ensure that current and future generations are afforded the opportunity to experience a health sector in which the successes by far outweigh the challenges.”



Minister Norton went on to state that government cannot develop the Health sector on its own, and took the opportunity to recognise the efforts of PAHO/WHO and other development partners over the years.

PAHO/WHO in particular, the Minister said has been instrumental in developing the health system with their invaluable technical and other support.



“Everyone has a role to play in the development of the Public Health System in Guyana. Let us all work together to ensure that Guyanese are among the healthiest in the Caribbean and the Americas,” Norton posited.


The symposium is a collaboration of the PAHO/WHO  and the Ministry of Public Health being held at the Arthur Chung Convention Center, Liliendaal.

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