Timeka Marshall: Guyana’s Most Seductive, Gutsy Entertainer



Over the years, we have seen Timeka Marshall evolve from the demure artiste to Guyana’s most seductive, gutsy entertainer who brings that take-it-or-leave-it realness in her music.

Born February 14, 1989, the former St. Joseph High School student who has had a pleasing career in the fashion industry has made her mark with very memorable songs that exemplify her true vocal talents as he continues her rise to international acclaim.

As Marshall balances a busy music career on one hand, she has been handling another project on the other. The sultry songbird has her own entertainment company called, “Premium Pink” which focuses on promoting the best parties in Guyana.

With her promotion team, Marshall is no doubt the lone rose among the male-dominated industry. But her faithful sponsors and supporters are giving Marshall enough to stamp her authority in this sector.

According to the sultry singer, the name “Premium Pink” was actually coined from two ideas. She wanted something that was a cut above the rest of her competitors hence “Premium” and a name that reflected the girl power behind the project, which justifies the addition of “Pink”.

Why did Marshall try her hands at this field? Well, she described herself as a “social creature” who simply found that there is something missing in the parties held locally.

She noted that the party environment or ambiance, does not always allow for Guyanese to leave the “reserved” nature or apprehensions at the door. The ambitious party promoter is hoping to change this outlook in the industry with her “premium-pinkness”.

Though her parties have all been successful, she still feels that there is more to be done but she is of course very thankful for the support thus far. Here is a look at her interview with the News Room where she shares more about who she is and what she has been up to lately.



NewsRoom (NR): What new projects have you been working on?

Timeka Marshall(TM): I’ve recently released a new track for Guyana’s 50th celebration entitled “COME GO DOWN DEH”. I wrote it a while back but myself and  producer Darell Pugsley of DP Records decided this would be the perfect time to release since it is basically a welcome song to Guyana as the chorus encourages you to come on down to our beautiful country.


NR: What do you wish you were better at?

TM: Everything! I’m extremely judgmental of myself and wish to be better at all tasks every day.




NR: How have you been staying in such perfect shape?

TM: About a year ago, I was far from being in shape. My party-girl lifestyle and bad eating habits manifested into a few extra pounds. I’ve since changed my lifestyle. I do “Crossfit” training as many days of the week as my body and energy allows me. I try to maintain a clean diet and I’ve cut out the excessive drinking.


NR: Give one word to describe your music?

TM: That’s a tough one. My music is very moody as I am but always relatable. One time I’m all in love, then I’m single, independent and don’t need anyone, then a next time, it’s all about sex and another time I just wanna party my life away. Everyone feels different at different times so at one point or the other you will be able to relate.


NR: What is the strangest thing you have ever done for love?

TM: Given it up. Not everything or everyone you love may be good for you. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to let it go.


NR: Do you perform your earlier singles like “Hello” and “Free”?

TM: No I don’t. I’m not sure I would remember the lyrics if I try.


NR: What was it like working with Leftside on “Talk Dirty” and what was the motivation behind that particular track?

TM: Very easy. I had recorded a few edgy songs at the time and gave him a preview listen. It then inspired him to write “Talk Dirty”.



NR: There are several aspects to the creative process of a song. In which aspects are you involved in when it comes to your music?

TM: Each song’s composition is different. Sometimes a producer may already have a track built and will send me to write to. Other times, I may have lyrics and melodies written that I need music built to accompany my ideas. I like to be involved in as many aspects as possible. From writing to producing to mixing and mastering, I like to be involved in it all. I may not know the technical aspects of engineering or mixing and mastering but I have a good ear and know specifically what I’m listening for.


NR: How have you been juggling your time between the development of your music career and Premium Pink entertainment?

TM: Working on building “Premium Pink Ent.” has distracted me loads from my music. Now that I’m back into focusing on the music, it’s taken away from Premium Pink Activities. I’ve yet to find the balance. I’m working on it.


NR: Have you seen a change in the way music is being promoted in Guyana?

TM: Most definitely. There’s a big change happening right now. Our 50th Independence celebration has everyone feeling patriotic. The local artistes are releasing more music and DJs are playing their part by giving ample radio time. Now if only things can continue this way on both ends it would be admirable.


NR: What do you believe is your best asset as a woman?

TM: A woman’s charm. Men are weak to a bright smile and warm personality.


NR: What would you say is the essence of being a woman?

TM: I don’t think there’s any one right way of being a woman. We are all different yet alike in various aspects.


NR: If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?

TM: I can’t think of something that I’d love to do but haven’t done because I feel restricted. I already do as I like. Life is there for the living and I live it up every chance I get.


NR: What would you say is the biggest problem facing our entertainment industry today and why?

TM: As of right now, I’d say there are two problems that are at the forefront; the 2am curfew and no copyright laws. The curfew has affected business persons in the entertainment arena tremendously. People aren’t going out as much anymore because of the time limit. I don’t think most folks understand how the curfew affected many jobs in and around Georgetown especially. Club owners, party promoters, bartenders, DJs, light and sound rentals, taxi drivers, boutique owners and salons are just to name a few of those directly affected.

With regard to the non existence of copyright laws, take for instance you create a garment, you cover all expenses necessary to manufacture and market the garment and then it becomes very popular. Everyone wants one and somehow they are able to get it free. After all your work and investment there are no laws in place to protect you or your product. This is what no copyright means to artistes.




NR: What are five interesting facts about you?

TM: I’m clumsy, I’m very spiritual and believe in God but I don’t believe in religion, I don’t worry about what others think, I’m very loving but often don’t know how to express it and I’m an extremist.


P.S: Be sure to see this sultry entertainer deliver a powerful performance at the upcoming 50 Shades Of Reggae Concert on May 27th alongside Christopher Martin and Beres Hammond.




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