Police making waves through Community Outreach Interventions

The police in ‘F’ Division (Interior Locations) under the command of Senior Superintendent R. Budhram, are continuing with their Community Outreach Interventions under the Police Force Social Crime Prevention Programme.
The Social Crime Programme focuses on the empowerment of youths by developing skills and moral values in order that they may become productive and meaningful contributors to society and to enhance police community relations.
Ranks stationed at the Baramita Police Station, during the routine visits to the village of Baramita in the North West District of Region One, discovered that due to a lack of school supplies some children weren’t attending school.
This situation saw the intervention of the Commissioner of Police through the Divisional Commander and on May 4, 2016 fifty (50) children received a donation of supplies which included school uniforms and fifteen of the beneficiaries were placed into school.
In the Community of Annai on April 24, 2016, a meeting was held between the residents of Annai, Surama, wowetta and the police where a number of topics including domestic violence were discussed and a community policing group was formed in the village.
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