Several restrictions on Styrofoam adjusted-EPA




In light of concerns raised by seafood exporters in Guyana, and the potential negative economic impact of the ban on this industry, the Environmental Protection Agency petitioned the Guyana Revenue Authority to lift the restriction on Styrofoam fish boxes.



On the matter of tax incentives for the importation of biodegradable food and beverage containers, it was announced by the GRA that these items will no longer attract the Value-Added Tax. This timely measure came into effect from February 10, 2016 and applies to biodegradable food and beverage containers only.


The Agency says it is also working with the recently formed Styrofoam Ban Task Force on establishing standards for biodegradable alternatives. An audit of Styrofoam stock is also being conducted to determine an approximation of the quantity of the product remaining in the country. Upon completion of the audit, the Agency will then determine a suitable date for enforcement of the use of Styrofoam food containers in accordance with the Regulations.



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