The Miss World Guyana Pageant 2016… Divya Yabindranauth : A beauty driven by her love for humanity



Divya Yabindranauth is not your average beauty contestant. By her very actions and convictions, it is clear that it is not about indulging in the glamorous aspects of pageantry that excites her but rather, the mere thought of being able to use the power of such a platform to  champion the cause of helping the underprivileged.

As such, this 20-year-old belle is enamoured by the prospects of becoming the next Miss World Guyana in hopes of strengthening her efforts to help those less fortunate in numerous ways.

Though she is originally from Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo, Yabindranauth currently resides in Houston, Texas USA. She is also pursuing a Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Lone Star Community College in Texas.

In an exclusive interview with the News Room , this captivating damsel reflected on her very humble upbringing as she lived with her  grandmother in a modest setting.

She related, too, that her time at  Vergenoegen Nursery School, Philadelphia Primary School and the Professional Primary School (PLC) in Meten-Meer-Zorg all provided the necessary tools she needed to be a focused and determined young woman.

The Miss World Guyana contestant also expressed that while she thoroughly enjoyed her childhood here, her experiences were heightened  when she migrated to the USA at the age of 13 to live with her parents.

With the unwavering support of her family and friends, Yabindranauth believes that she has what it takes to be one of Guyana’s best beauty ambassadors on the international stage. And in her interview with the News Room she makes it pellucid that no challenge could be too difficult to prevent her from giving it her all come pageant night.



Here is a look at her interview in detail with the News Room.

News Room (NR): Why did you decide to enter this pageant?

Divya Yabindranauth (DY): The Miss World Guyana pageant gives young girls like me, the opportunity to develop and boost our self-esteem and self-confidence. It allows us to grow as individuals and find our true purpose in life. Additionally, i have a strong desire to boost my plans and efforts towards helping the underprivileged. I have seen the struggle that some of our fellow Guyanese face when it comes to healthcare and finding adequate treatment. From a very young age, I vowed to one day make a measurable difference in that regard and for these reasons, I have decided to participate in this pageant.



NR: What is your platform for this pageant?

DY: My platform for the Miss World Guyana 2016 Pageant is Saving Lives; Bringing Hope and Providing Medical Care for the Underprivileged. Two years ago,  I joined forces with Saving Hands Emergency Aid, Inc., (SHEA), a non-profit organization aimed at providing financial medical assistance coupled with pro-bono or subsidized medical treatment for families in need.  As the Regional Director for Guyana, I assist with finding treatment services, raising funds, meeting with patients (especially children), and interactions on a one-on-one basis. I plan to continue developing myself throughout life, learning and growing in influence and compassion towards others. In collaborating with the SHEA Charity, it gives me the opportunity to help those that are struggling with providing adequate financial aid and medical treatment for individuals in dire need.



NR: In what areas have you trained for this Pageant?

DY: I’ve been training for quite some time now. I’ve done Personal Training/ Nutrition, Platform Development, On-stage Presentation, Wardrobe/Personal Styling, Hair/Make-up, Mock Interviews, and some Kickboxing Classes.



NR: Should you win the crown, what are two things you would do as Queen?

DY: Two things I will do should I win the Miss World Guyana 2016 pageant would be; 1. I will continue my humanitarian work and spread awareness for my Beauty with a Purpose platform as I would seek to provide better medical care for the underprivileged in Guyana. And 2.) I would work on completing my Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, as education is very important to me.



NR: What challenges have you encountered during the pageant preparation stage and how did you deal with them?

DY: I have encountered a number of challenges but all were manageable. But I must say that the biggest challenge for me is seeing the struggles of the people of Barima Waini. It is extremely difficult to look at them, know their struggles, and ask them to pose for a picture. It breaks my heart to see a 13 year-old girl caring for her family because they lost their mom and she is the oldest and most capable; it is difficult to see the houses falling apart and the children who cannot go to school due to poverty. It is most difficult to hear the many stories of hardship and their cries for help. For me, this was heartbreaking, because I myself came from a humble upbringing and you think things are difficult in your life, but when you see the real struggles of others, the pictures you planned to take or the travel and logistical hiccups you face do not seem so important.



NR: What do you expect to gain by participating in this pageant ?

DY: By being a part of the Miss World Guyana pageant, I expect to gain an opportunity to determine my strong points and perfect them, recognize my weaknesses and transmute them into strengths so that I can be better prepare for the real world. This pageant will give me the opportunity to discover some of the great things life has to offer and allow me to find my true self as a young woman.



NR: Who is your role model and why?

DY: My role model is my mother because she is a very strong woman. I could tell you clichés of her kindness, her generosity, her thoughtfulness…but my mother’s strength is to be admired. Though she shoulders many problems of her own, she never lets it show. Her love for her family and her faith is her most prized possession; we are always most important to her. She has been and will always be a great inspiration in my life. I love her dearly and keep her close to my heart always.


NY: What are five interesting facts about you?

DY: 1. My ethnic background is a representation of three of the six races of Guyana as I am mixed with East Indian, African, and Chinese. 2. My hobby is belly dancing. 3.  I am a self-taught makeup artist. 4. I love outdoor activities especially boating and tube rafting. 5. I graduated a year early from high school in Texas.


NR: If you could be beautiful and not so smart, or brilliant and not so beautiful, what would you be and why?

DY: Let’s go with brilliant and not so beautiful. A brilliant person is wise enough to understand that he or she is beautiful no matter what. I think beauty has varied throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world. You are in control of your own beauty both inner and outer. I strongly believe that physical beauty will fade over time, but true beauty is timeless.



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