Nandlall puts Government on blast over “Guyana Unleashed” ad; says 50 accomplishments are inaccurate


Politician within the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Anil Nandlall has put the APNU+AFC Government on blast for what he deems as the inaccuracies published in a newspaper advertisement highlighting 50 achievements of the Coalition Government after just one year in office.


guyana unleashed

Nandlall speaking during an exclusive interview with News Room said instead of publishing that salaries were increased for public servants, the government should have mentioned its greatest accomplishment ” 50 and 60 percent (increases) for cabinet members, a cabinet that was doubled in size from the previous cabinet and then they boast increased salaries,” Nandlall noted.


He stressed that ” they gave the public servants 5 percent; 10 percent over from December to July of 2015. When we gave 5 percent, we gave 5 percent over from December to January, retroactive, they gave only six months then they camouflage it…because that’s what they do, they are spin doctors… they say in certain brackets public servants got 27 percent increase, 20 percent increase etc, but when you check the level, no public servant works that money.”


The PPP politician is contending that the salary increase was a mere “publicity stunt.” He pointed out that there were no increases this year, with the Government claiming that it was awaiting collective bargaining, another accomplishment the Coalition claims to have restored. However, Nandlall is questioning how this can be so when the unions have lambasted the Government, only recently for the lack thereof?


He said the Coalition has taken credit for the Local Government Election (LGE), when the evidence shows that while in opposition it was the very Government that was “equally responsible for delaying those elections” given the fact that they agreed with the then PPP administration to delay the elections every year up until 2012.


Nandlall posited that LGE is not yet over since there still remains five tied Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) and a Municipality (Mabaruma). He said six elections need to be completed in the Local Authority Areas before the “boast could be completed.”


As it relates to the claim of restoration of Press Freedom, the Politician questioned when it was ever taken away, claiming that it was the People’s National Congress that stole Press Freedom, with instances of persons being killed, urging persons to examine the evidence in the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry report, to get proof.


He said it was under the PPP/C that persons were given more broadcasting licenses, allowing the establishment of more radio and television stations.


Nandlall believes the APNU+ AFC has “abysmally failed.”



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