President sees Bartica as a “laboratory” for testing new technologies


During the recent airing of the televised government programme “The Public Interest” President David Granger outlined his vision for Bartica now that it has officially attained township status. Some of his plans include the adoption of a solid waste plan, adoption of technologies for generating energy, particularly solar energy and recycling of waste, among other initiatives.


“I would like to see Bartica as a laboratory where other persons can go and see how technology is working,” the President opined.


Now that Local Government Elections are over, the Head of State said the powers that be in the town are just about ready to roll out some of the aforementioned projects, noting that “I would like to see the introduction of the actual technologies such as electric motor cars, so that other people can see at least a sample, a specimen so other people can see how they work. Vehicles powered by ethanol, solar farms, I would like to see the demonstration effect.”


The President is hopeful that by October these initiatives would be streamlined, with a Green Economy Fair envisioned.


Bartica was on May 7, 2016 officially declared a capital town and President Granger during his remarks had promised that all government buildings there will be powered by renewable energy by the end of his term in office.


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