Licensed firearm holder opens fire on group of men; two injured



By Leroy Smith


Two men were this afternoon injured and had to seek medical attention at the Georgetown public hospital while a licensed firearm holder is assisting the police with their investigation.



The News Room was told that late this afternoon, the two men whose names were given as Seydel Bourne and “Avey” were in Kitty when the incident took place.

It was reported by police sources that “Avey” and a group of men including Chinese Nationals were offloading a container and the licensed firearm holder pulled up in close proximity and parked his vehicle.

The workmen reportedly asked him to remove the vehicle so that they can offload the container and take its contents into a building, but the man refused and proceeded to park his vehicle and exit same.

His actions reportedly angered the men who surrounded him and reportedly began beating him. At that point the man whipped out his firearm and discharged two rounds, one each hitting the two men.



The licensed firearm holder, whose name is not yet known was reportedly over powered and kept on the ground bleeding from severe blows he sustained at the hands of the men. The police were summoned and the injured were taken to the hospital as was the firearm holder, after he was first taken to the police station.



Over at the hospital News Room caught up with Bourne at the X-Ray department and his account of the incident was different from what was communicated to this News outfit by police sources.



The 44 year old man of Lot 96/96 Robb and Shiv Chanderpaul Drive explained that he was inside when he heard a loud explosion and when he came out he saw a group of people running through one of the streets and he followed.

Bourne then proceeded to explain that when he arrived he saw a man wielding a gun at the group of persons and shortly after, one of the young men in the crowd turned to walk away and the firearm holder shot him to the back.



Bourne said that it was at that point that he jumped onto the man and wrestled him to the ground and shortly after the police arrived. Bourne was shot the left side shoulder.

The police investigations are ongoing .

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