Rex McKay, Speaker of the House among outstanding Guyanese to receive National awards


Several outstanding Guyanese along with the Prime Minister of Barbados, Freundel Stuart have topped the National Awards list, which was announced last evening (May 25) at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations to mark the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary.



The Orders, decorations, and medals of Guyana were established after attaining independence from the British.



This year, renowned Attorney-at-Law, Rex McKay, for his long, dedicated and outstanding service as a legal practitioner will receive the Order of Roraima, along with Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland, who is being honoured for his commitment and service to Guyana in the diplomatic, parliamentary and legal fields and in the public service.

For his dedication and commitment to the Caribbean Community and his unflinching support for the rights of Small Island Developing States Barbados’ Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart will also receive the Order of Roraima.



The Order of Roraima is the second highest National Award and was Established in 1976.


The National awards include:


  • Order of Excellence of Guyana.
  • Order of Roraima of Guyana.
  • Cacique’s Crown of Valour.
  • Cacique’s Crown of Honour.
  • Golden Arrow of Courage.
  • Golden Arrow of Achievement.
  • Medal of Service.
  • President’s Commendation for Brave Conduct.


See full list of awardees below:


Cacique’s Crown of Honour-the second highest award in the Order of Service. Awarded to any citizen of Guyana who has “rendered service of an exceptionally high quality in the public service, social and voluntary services, industry or trade unions, or in any other area of public service, or achieved excellence of national or international standing and recognition in the arts, professions, sciences or sport or in any other area of activity.” It may also be awarded to institutions, organisations, corporations or a group of people who have made substantial contributions to the national economy, for achievements of a significant advance resulting in increased efficiency, for applying technology to production or development process in industry, or other significant achievements and contributions to national development.

Recipients of the award in their field;

Former Guyana Ambassador Ronald Austin

Director, Edward B. Beharry and Company Limited Inderjeet Beharry

Chairman of Food For The Poor Incorporated Paul Chan-A-Sue

Chairman of Sterling Products Limited Leslie Chin

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Robert Corbin

Chief Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards

Doctor of Medicine Enid Lucille Denbow

Public Servant and Consumer Advocate Rtd. Patrick Parbhu Dial

Chairman of John Fernandes Group of Companies Christopher Fernandes

Ambassador Keith Linden George- For his outstanding service in the Guyana Foreign Service.

Doctor of Medicine Carl Alton Hanoman,

Ambassador; Bayney Karran- For his dedicated service in the field of diplomacy.

Former Vice Chancellor, University of Guyana- Harold Alexander Lutchman

Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Guyana and former Headmistress of the Bishops’ High School Maureen Mae Massiah

Catholic Priest Malcolm Rodrigues

Justice of Appeal Beasraj Singh Roy

General Superintendent, Assemblies of God in Guyana John Oswald Smith

Ambassador George Wilfred Talbot
Former Minister of Government Jeffrey Ronald Thomas

Director-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Audrey Theresa Waddell



Golden Arrow of Achievement- awarded to any citizen of Guyana who has performed an outstanding and specific act of service or achievement of an exceptional nature, or is given for long and dedicated service of a consistently high standard in responsible offices, local government services, social and voluntary services, industry or trade unions, or in any other area of public service. It may also be awarded to institutions, organisations, corporations or a group of people under similar conditions to the Cacique’s Crown of Honour.


Former Toshao of Paruima Village Lawrence Anselmo

General Secretary of the Guyana Teachers’ Union and Retired Headmaster Lancelot Arthur Baptiste

Dental Surgeon Samiran Bera

Social Historian and Cultural Activist, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University Vibert Compton Cambridge

Former Chief Agricultural Officer and General Manager of the Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary Scheme Bernard Wylde Carter

Senior Public Servant and Political Assistant to the President William Victor Cecil Cox

Co-Founder and Teacher of Dominion Schools Florine Emily Desiree Dalgety

Music Teacher and Accompanist of the Woodside Choir Marilyn Patricia Dewar

Former Acting Principal Cyril Potter College of Education Blanche Emmeline Duke

Former Minister of State for Amerindian Affairs Philip Duncan,

Principal, Critchlow Labour College Ivor Burnett English

Counsellor and Community Worker Jennifer Ann Ferreira-Dougall

Education Consultant, former Headmistress, St. Joseph’s High School Ingrid Jennifer Fung

Former Chief of Protocol and Consul General Esther Dawn Griffith


Lecturer, University of Guyana Dr. Mellissa Abigail Ifill

Officer-In-Charge, National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited Horace Heyman James

Former Toshao of Aishalton Village and Farmer Tony Rodney James

Former Member of Parliament and Businessman Cyril Stanley Ming

Former Chairman of Demerara/Mahaica Region Four and Deputy Chairman, Teaching Service Commission Allan Ewart Munroe

Public Health Consultant Gloria Elizabeth Noel

Chief Scientist/Plant Breeder, Guyana Rice Development Board Mahendra Persaud
Adviser on Social and Sustainable Development Vanda Radzik

Former Teacher Bissoondai Beniprashad Rayman

Professor and Senior Lecturer, University of Guyana Doris Elrina Rogers

Director of Music, St. George’s Cathedral Wendy Orinthia Rudder

Regional Health Officer, Cuyuni/Mazaruni, Region Seven Edward Francis Sagala

Former State Auditor and Financial executive John Michael Seeram

Bishop, District President of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, Guyana district Glenna Leris Denise Spencer

Businesswoman Joycelyn Cleo Patricia Wilson



Medal of Service- fifth highest award of the Order of Service of Guyana, awarded for ten years of dedicated public service, local government service, service to industry, service to trade unions or other areas of service to the community.
Manager, Joshua House Children’s Home Gladys Accra- For her dedicated service over the past twenty years in caring for destitute children from all parts of the country.

Former Operations Manager and Consultant, Iwokrama International Centre of Rainforest Conservation and Development Robert Frederick Allicock -For his outstanding involvement in the establishment of the Iwokrama Rain Forest Project.

Former Regional Chairman and Farmer Muacir Baretto- For his long service in the fields of cooperatives, local government, community development and farming in Region Nine, Upper Takatu/Upper Essequibo.

Retired Officer, Guyana Forestry Commission Winston Alvin Bentham- For his long and dedicated service in the forest industry and as a sportsman and youth leader.

PTO, Businessman Perry Orlando Birbal- For his long and dedicated service as a community worker, a regional councillor and as a businessman.

Artist Barrington Christopher Godfrey Braithwaite- For his long and outstanding contribution in the arts, especially as an illustrator and folklorist.

Retired Headmistress and District Education Officer, Counsellor Linden Hospital and Lay Minister in the Anglican Diocese of Guyana Gloria Britton -For her long, dedicated and outstanding service in the fields of education and health.

Permanent Secretary, Department of the Public Service, Ministry of the Presidency Reginal Agustus Brotherson -For his long and dedicated service as a public servant.

General Manager, Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary Agricultural Development Authority Aubrey Charles -For his long and outstanding service as a land surveyor and land administrator.

Health Worker, Moshabo Village, Essequibo, Pomeroon-Supenaam (Region Two) Esther Melvina Charles-Elliot -For her long and outstanding service as a community health worker.

Retired coordinator, People’s National Congress Reform, PTO Marjorie Eleanor Charles -For her long service with exceptional dedication in the field of politics.

Communications Supervisor, People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Kim Alana Chung – For long and dedicated service in the field of communications.

Former Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly Lilawatie Coonjah -For her long and dedicated service as a public servant.

Director, National Dance Company Vivienne Cecilia Daniel -For her long and dedicated service in dance education.

Senior Confidential Secretary to the President Nancy Ferreira- For her long service with exceptional dedication in the Ministry of the Presidency.

Office Manager, Ministry of the Presidency Ingrid Cecilia Forde- For her long and dedicated service in the Ministry of the Presidency.

Artist/Designer Gerald Leroy Gittens- For his outstanding service in the field of art, promoting the use of indigenous material in art and as a former public servant

Tailor and Cutter, PTO Leslie Jacobs- For long service of a consistently high quality in the field of tailoring.

Chief Executive Officer, Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Allan Johnson -For his effective service in hospital management and for long and dedicated service in the Guyana National Service.

Retired Education Officer Shirley Daphne Klass -For her long, dedicated and outstanding service in the field of education, women’s affairs and politics.

Rice Farmer and Politician Anthony Pitamber Singh Mipal -For his long and dedicated service as a public servant, rice farmer, businessman and politician.

Retired Public Servant Eric Wilfred Mosley -For his long and dedicated service as a driver in the Ministries of Public Infrastructure and Public Health

General Manager and Director Nand Persaud and Company Limited Mohindra Persaud -For his consistent and outstanding role in implementing innovative measures in successfully increasing the yield of rice.

Regional Councillor, PTO Alshazi Baksh Ramlakhan -For her long and dedicated service in the field of politics.

Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Maureen Lynette Stephenson -For her long service with exceptional dedication in the Public Service, more particularly in the Ministry of the Presidency

Retired Technical Manager, Ministry of Agriculture Allan john Carlwin Woolford -For his long and outstanding service in the fields of crops and livestock around Guyana, more particularly in the hinterland regions.



Military Service Medal- presented for military service to members of the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana People’s Militia and the Guyana National Service. It may be awarded for exceptional service, above and beyond the call of duty or for gallantry in action.

Colonel, Guyana Defence Force- Paul Anthony Arthur

Colonel, Guyana Defence Force, Disciplined Services Medal Nazrul Hussain

Senior Superintendent, Staff Officer, Administration 1 Guyana Police Force, PTO Maxine Lavern Graham

Assistant Commissioner of Police/Head of the Presidential guard Brian Linden Alexander Joseph

Retired Divisional Commander, Guyana Fire Service Bernadette Monica Adams

Retired Senior Superintendent of Prison Trevor Oliver Small



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