Henry’s apology “missed the mark” says PPP/C


The PPP/C Parliamentary Opposition says it has noted with “some amusement” the press release issued by Minister Henry on May 27th, 2016.


The party is a press release yesterday said the statement is a poor effort to extricate the government for the disrespectful treatment of the parliamentary opposition at the 50th Independence Anniversary Flag raising ceremony.

The Opposition says it stands unequivocally and firmly behind its official release issued at midnight on May 25th, 2016,
It further notes that “the Minister clearly seems to have difficulty comprehending the issue at hand,” claiming that the Minister gave all assurances on May 24th to the Leader of the Opposition and a large group of PPP/C MPs and again on May 25th with the Chief Whip that seats for all PPP/C MPs and their spouses were reserved for the flag raising in the VIP section and that they should not worry, since everything was taken care of.

The Minister was advised that the PPP/C MPs were coming as one in a bus to reduce any problems. The invitation stated that everyone should be seated at 9:45 p.m.

PPP/C further states that despite difficulties getting into that section of the park the delegation arrived at 9:45 p.m in the VIP section.
The Minister’s statement, the PPP/C believes, refers to irrelevancies with regards to which entrance, time, etc.

On arrival the VIP section was full. No seats were reserved for the parliamentary opposition nor did it appear that there was any such reservations for any other VIP dignitories.

The former Presidents were to be seated in the VVIP and this was done. So too were  MPs  Anil Nandlall, Bishop Edghill and Clement Rohee.

“Minister Henry’s statement lacks any appreciation that there was a breach of protocol in the seating of the  opposition MPs in the VIP section,and that this was humiliating and disrespectful and further that she reneged on her public assurances on May 24 given to the Leader of the Opposition and PPP/C MPs that our seats were reserved,” the party says.

However, it notes that the minister has to be reminded about her press conference on May 24th where she said the VIP would be on” a first come first served business”. When asked, she said the press had it wrong. The media has said that their recordings show otherwise.

“Maybe the Minister was being prophetic in that she knew that more invitations were distributed than seats were available yet she took no precautions to ensure her assurances were upheld,” PPP/C highlights.

According to the Opposition, “unfortunately an unequivocal apology by the government was in order. Sadly this statement missed the mark.”

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