Police Force investigating allegations which surfaced in the media

The Guyana Police Force wishes to inform the general public that leave required by members of the Guyana Police Force to depart Guyana is outside the control of the Force since it requires the government’s approval.
In the case of Woman Deputy Superintendent Griffith-Jacobis, she applied at the same time with Superintendent E. Cooper for permission to pursue Legal Education Studies at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad in 2014.
Both applications were supported by the Force and Superintendent E. Cooper attended the University and should be completing his studies shortly.
Woman Deputy Superintendent Griffith-Jacobis, on the other hand, did not complete her programme at the University Of Guyana as she had anticipated. She is still yet to complete that programme. Therefore it would have been impossible for her to gain entry into the U.W.I programme, thus her non-attendance at U.W.I has nothing to do with the Guyana Police Force.
Regarding the Strip Club, the Commissioner of Police has denied ever attending a strip club in Alberttown.
He has denied attending any other strip club in Guyana other than for professional purposes and none of that has occurred in the last five years.
The transfer of W/DSP Griffith-Jacobis from the Number 3 Sub-Division of ‘A’ Division to the Courts had to do with poor performances highlighted in consistent reports provided by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).
In regards to the other female officer that was offered training by a sports institution, the training was not supported by the Force because the said officer was disciplined for breach of standard operational procedures regarding her engagements with the sports institution.
The Office of Professional Responsibility is presently investigating the provision of this false information to the media. It is a likely that legal action would be taken by the Commissioner of Police against those responsible for Citizens’ Report.
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