Deputy Police Commander under investigation



By Leroy Smith


Head of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility Heeralall Makhanlall today confirmed that his office is investigating Senior Superintendent Errol Watts and the circumstances surrounding the refuelling of his private vehicle at a fuel depot in a police compound at New Amsterdam.



The Standard Operating Procedures of the Guyana Police Force dictates that only vehicles which are registered to the force are to be refuelled at the depots around the country.



There is however special concession granted if the police are required to use unmarked vehicles to go on certain operations in an effort to conceal their identities prior to arrival.

It is unclear if this was the case with the Senior Superintendent’s vehicle. Watts functions as the ‘B’ Division Deputy Commander and prior to that has been heading the division before the appointment of Assistant Commissioner of Police Ian Amsterdam.



At the moment Errol Watts has not been steadily in his division as he has been working closely with the police in Suriname as they try to solve the case of the missing fishermen and relocate their remains following a pirate attack over the weekend.



Today Amsterdam confirmed that he is aware of an investigation being launched into the fuel withdrawal from the fuel Depot at the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam which is inside the division’s headquarters.

Amsterdam however said that he is not sure of the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal of the fuel and that this will be determined by the OPR.

The commander confirmed that the Deputy Commander does not use a Service car so he cannot confirm or deny any claims that the refuelling was as a result of the senior officer’s vehicle being used prior to the refuelling to conduct official police business.


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