Sloppy response by police may have led to murder at Crane-Probe launched



By Leroy Smith


The Guyana Police Force has launched an immediate investigation into what is being considered a sloppy police response to a telephone call about a woman who was being abused and who was later found murdered in her apartment at Crane, West Coast Demerara on Tuesday morning.



The News Room received information that the police at Vreed- en- Hoop received a call from someone living close by to security guard, Latchmin Shivpujan also known as “Radika, 49 years during the time she was being abused and making strange sounds in her apartment.



According to what is now coming to light, the police rank at the station who took the report, claimed that he passed the information onto the patrol, which was working that night and they indicated that they were going to follow up.



However, it turned out that the ranks never showed up at the home until the following day when the woman was already dead in her apartment.


Sources did indicate that the person who telephoned the police about the development left a mobile number and landline number with the police rank who answered the phone, so that same could be passed unto the patrol in the event they needed directions.



Divisional Commander Senior Superintendent Steven Mansell confirmed to the News Room that an investigation into the claims is being investigated.

He could not immediately confirm the ranks of the officers on the patrol.

This is not the first time that the police have been accused of being unresponsive  to reports by members of the public, especially in some serious circumstances.



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