Security guard hacked to death by husband; cousin hospitalised



By Leroy Smith


Candacy Pitt also known as ” Canday,” a security guard was last evening murdered by her husband of 13 years, Athlone Pitt.

Candacy Pitt
Candacy Pitt


Her cousin, 50 year old Brenda Thomas who also works as a security guard is said to be in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.



The two women were attacked by the man at their place of work, as they provided security for the Bygeval Secondary School, Mahaica.



Family members of the woman said she was subjected to constant abuse by the man, who on several occasions threatened to murder her and her entire family.



The man was under the influence when he committed the act and was reportedly imbibing all of yesterday.



It is reported that the man, after killing the woman and injuring her cousin, walked into the Mahaica Police Station and turned himself over with the cutlass and knife he used to carry out the murder.

There are claims that the man was never in support of the woman working and would show up at her work place and ask her “you want the gun or cutlass” in reference to what she wanted him to use to kill her.

The Police are investigating the matter.

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