Farmer arrested in connection with shooting at Moblissa


A 36yr old male farmer of Moblissa on the Linden Highway was arrested in connection with the shooting of 56 year old cash crop farmer Cicel Todd on Sunday.


The police in E Division are investigating the shooting incident which occurred about 09:00h on Sunday at Moblissa, Linden Highway.


A police report disclosed that the victim said he left home about 08:30h on Sunday for Moblissa Hilltop to collect wood shavings for his chickens and on his way home he heard an explosion and suddenly felt a burning sensation to his left thigh, left arm and penis.


He added that he then fell to the ground and made an alarm, resulting in his daughter Deslyn Cornelius going to his rescue and rushed him to the Linden Hospital.


He was treated and admitted to the hospital and remains a patient, in a stable condition.

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