GPF still investigating Kaieteur News Grenade case


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is in the process of deciding who will be charged for the tossing of a fragmentation grenade at the vehicle of Publisher Glenn Lall, last Saturday evening.


Sources within the Force have communicated that it is not yet clear which of the six  persons in custody will be heading to court for the incident. However, one senior source did indicate that the police are ‘getting there’ stating that there has been some progress.


Reports stated that a 19 year old has reportedly confessed to the police as being the driver of the Toyota Spacio, PSS 5252 which was used to commit the act.


The police arrested six men on Tuesday morning in connection with the incident.


News Room learnt that on the night of the incident, the men after tossing the grenade next to Lall’s vehicle, escaped the scene, but were driving at a fast pace which led to them colliding with a culvert and hitting a woman after turning onto Northern Street.


After the vehicle struck the woman, the men all jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to flee the accident scene and but were later captured by persons in the area who considered the act a hit and run.


However when the resident held onto the men, one of them quickly called a code name which caused the residents to release them which led to them escaping.


Further, after the owner of the vehicle who loaned it to the young men heard about the accident, he quickly proceeded to the police station and reported that his vehicle was hijacked but could not immediately tell the police where and when, neither could he provide a proper description of the hijackers.


This raised the police’s suspicion who turned up the heat on the questioning of the man and also returned to the scene of the accident where they received information that suggested that the men might have been up to no good prior to the accident.


The police then again reviewed the footage from the Kaieteur News cameras and found that certain designation marks on the vehicle matched those which were picked up by the camera. In addition to that, the registration late of the vehicle was the men were in was obscured with mud to prevent persons from recognising the number, which also raised the suspicion of the investigators.


After they received information of their whereabouts, the ranks were able to pick up the perpetrators by 06.30hrs on Tuesday morning. The five occupants were picked up and they joined the owner of the car who was in police custody by that time.


Thus far the government, main opposition party and other groups have all publicly condemned the attack which some dubbed as an attempt to muzzle the media.

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