PPP condemns Orlando shooting


The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) has condemned in the strongest possible terms the wanton and cold-blooded shooting to death of 50 persons in Orlando, Florida. The main opposition party is of the view that the APNU/AFC government must take action to protect the local Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gays and Transgenders (LBGT) community.


The United States is now mourning the loss of 50 lives and injury to another 53 following an early morning shooting at a gay night club in Orlando Florida and this has brought concerns about the rights and protection of the rights of members of the LGBT community locally.


This question was posed to the General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive party Clemet Rohee who condemned this mass killing by a man who according to the most recent international media reports was a regular, at the night club for the past three years.


Mr. Rohee believes that the current administration must take action to address the concerns raised by stakeholders.


“I see statements by the community, recently in the media, they been making the rounds, meeting with people and I have seen statements where they have said that this government have been inactive, has not been moving on certain commitments they have made so its for the government to take action.”


The PPP General Secretary in his statement also extended calls for enhanced international cooperation to stamp out terrorism which has now reached alarming proportions not only in the United States, but in several other counties especially in Western Europe.


But when the question was asked about whether he was pleased with his party’s actions during its time in office to address the discriminatory legislation on same sex relations and cross dressing, Rohee said “I have not noticed anything that the PPP has done against, to antagonize such a community.”


The mass killing has been deemed the worst of its kind in recent US history.

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