UK launches new online visa application service


The UK has launched a new, simple to use online application service for customers across Canada and the Caribbean wishing to apply and pay for a Visitor’s visa to the UK. The new service, known as Access UK, can be accessed via our web site at and provides a range of advantages for customers, including but not limited to:


  • A shorter, more intuitive visa application form;
  • Compatibility with smartphones and tablets;


Access UK is available to customers applying for one of the following visit visa routes:


  • Visitor (Standard)
    • General & Family
    • Child
    • Business
    • Entrepreneur
    • Religion
    • Sportspersons
    • Creative
    • Private Medical Treatment (6 months)
    • Other: Visitors undertaking the PLAB test, Objective Structured Clinical Examination, Clinical Attachment and Dental Observations
  • Visitor (Marriage & Civil Partnership)
  • Visitor (Permitted Paid Engagement)


The new Access UK service will provide a number of benefits for customers including:

  • The application form is shorter, with questions logically ordered based on customer feedback
  • The form is dynamic and asks relevant questions based on a customer’s previous answers
  • Customers can review, edit and download their partially completed application at any point before submission
  • The application fee is displayed in the appropriate currency
  • Customers can apply, book their Visa Application Centre (VAC) appointment to give biometrics, and pay for the relevant service standard seamlessly
  • The service is available on mobile devices, enabling application forms to be completed on smartphones or tablets
  • The service assists customers who plan to make a separate application for a Schengen Visa, with a partially auto-completed Schengen application form available to download and print.
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