PPP pays tribute to Enmore Martyrs: Gov’t to host events tomorrow


Just after sunrise on the morning of June 16, 1948, Five Sugar Workers- Lallabaggie and Dookie from Enmore and Rambarran, Harry and Pooran from Enterprise/Non Pariel were brutally shot to death at Enmore estate, as they were demonstrating for better working conditions, fair wages, and recognition of a trade union of their choice.


The five workers who died became known as the Enmore martyrs.


The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in remembrance of the Enmore martyrs, this morning held a wreath laying ceremony at Le Repentir Cemetery.


Speaking to the media following the event, General Secretary of the party, Clement Rohee said the Enmore martyrs are heroes who stood on the side of justice even in the face of great danger from colonial masters.


“It was indeed a very courageous and heroic role on their part to step forward, to represent, not only sugar workers, but also to represent a cause. It is the cause which is represented and which lives on, up to today, that we are observing” Rohee noted.


Rohee said the best homage citizens can pay to the Enmore martyrs is to pledge to continue the fight for a just cause, noting that what was fought for so many years ago still exists today.


He highlighted that workers continue to strive for better working conditions, wages and salaries.


It was related by former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds in his brief remarks, as was told to him by former and late President of Guyana, Dr. Cheddi Jagan that the killing of the five martyrs placed the final seal in his decision to continue the struggle for improvement of life in Guyana, leading to the country’s independence.


Dr. Cheddi Jagan along with consistently and militantly led the struggle for Guyana’s independence from Britain from 1950 on wards


Other party members including Indra Chandarpal, Komal Chand and Neil Kumar, among others were also in attendance.


Each year, homage is paid to the five for their indelible contributions and sacrifice. One worker was shot in the back as he tried to flee from the scene. There were also fourteen other workers who were seriously injured.


The Ministry of the Presidency will be paying tribute to the martyrs tomorrow with a wreath laying ceremony at the Le Repentir gravesite at 7:30h, followed by a ceremony at the Enmore Monument Site, Enmore, East Coast Demerara at 17:00h.

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