Surinam Airways to re-introduce Guyana-Orlando flights


Surinam Airways will be re-introducing its twice weekly summer flights to Georgetown, Guyana from Sanford Orlando, Florida on July 1st.


The airline first introduced the service which runs from July through September to accommodate Guyanese during the summer vacation in July 2015.


The, the airline’s North America manager, Henk Fitz-Jim, said that the re-introduction of the summer flights is in-keeping with the airline’s promise to service this route during the summer/August “holiday” season.


Surinam Airways will fly to Sanford Orlando on Fridays and return on Saturdays each week from July 1 to October 1, 2016.


“This is the time of year when the large Guyanese community in Orlando and Guyanese at home needs the convenience of a non-stop flight which will facilitate them going home to Guyana or coming up to Orlando via non-stop, courteous and affordable service. So the re-introduction of this Sanford Orlando route is in response to the growing demand by the Guyanese American community as well as “the satisfaction which the Guyanese community has enjoyed by flying Surinam Airways last year,” Fitz-Jim said in a statement.


The flight does not require any stopping over, therefore making it convenient, the airline noted.


Surinam Airways will use its Boeing 737 300 series aircraft for this service offering 118 economy and eight business class seats. The airline permits passengers one free piece of checked baggage not exceeding 50 pounds and charges $25 for a second piece of luggage.

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