Helping you to plan unique inexpensive weddings: Bridal Blueprint Clinic


Catering for persons who cannot afford a wedding planner and proving tips on how to break away from the monotony of tradition, several persons are coming together to host Bridal Blueprint Clinic on July 16 the Arthur Chung Convention Centre.


Coordinator of the Bridal Blueprint Clinic, Ruth Johnson who is also the owner of Simple Solutions promised an event that caters to the needs of everyone in an inexpensive, yet classy and modern way.


“Bridal blueprint is an event to give them (brides) tips, ideas and trends of how to plan their wedding, how to budget their wedding, how to put new trends and twists into their wedding, rather than going with the regular trends what they’re accustomed to…how to make it your own” she explained.


Referring to the name of the event, she said Bridal Blueprint will be helping the persons to put that together.


Mrs. Johnson promises that everyone he participates at the event will be blown away by the creativity.


There will be over 15 presenters, from makeup artists, fashion designers inclusive of Keisha Edwards’ Sasha Designs, masseurs, cake decorators, among others.


Owner of the Java Cafe, Evie Gurchuran is also part of the event with a Java coffee break segment. She explained that this segment will give persons an opportunity to learn about different types of drink and food.


Gurcharan noted that “what we want to do is to show you how to create food stations, how to present the food well, how to dine, how  to serve your guests, we’re offering brides to customize their own milkshakes, their own drinks…”


Makeup artist, Steven Validum will be showcasing his talent at bridal blueprint. Consultant company Cosmetiques Cosmeticos, Romaine Benn’s Hollywood Benn Creative Arts, Harmony Inn and others are onboard the event.


The package will cost $3000 and offers a six month guide to wedding planning, colour scheming, themes, make up tips, choice of wedding dresses to match body type, how to ship items, do it yourself decorative tips and much more.


Delhi designs out of Trinidad Will also have exquisite Indian wedding pieces on display.

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