Gov’t not clear on achieving Green economy – Jagdeo


Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo is accusing the coalition government of being irresponsible with Guyana’s future. The former Head of State contends that while this government touts the idealistic green economy, there needs to be clear guidelines how this is will be achieved.


He highlighted that the government announced during their campaign to have already had a plan for the economy, only to be told now that this would have to be developed from strategies which also do not currently exist.


“We’ve been hearing a lot about the green economy. They named a budget after it, the president made several speeches, they have signed on to the Paris agreement, but nothing in any major way about content of what a green economy would mean. How will a green economy, through various initiatives, create growth in Guyana, create income for people…and how will it create jobs?” Jagdeo posited.


Coupled with this, Jagdeo is accusing the government of being irresponsible with Guyana’s future specifically with the recent signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change.


In this Agreement, Jagdeo says Guyana made several commitments that will come back to haunt the country or others which are impossible to meet.


“They said they will move Guyana to 100% renewable energy by 2025. So in 9 years time, we’re supposed to believe that this country will use 100% renewable energy. It is impossible to say that every vehicle, every power plant…will start using renewable energy” the opposition leader argued.


President David Granger earlier today (April 22, 2016) joined over 100 Heads of State to sign the Paris Climate Agreement, expressing Guyana’s committment to the fight against climate change.


Speaking about plans to implement climate smart initiatives, he said there will be the implementation of the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) Plus programme, committing that the country “will move closer towards a 100% renewable power supply by 2025, conditional on appropriate support and adequate resources.”


Mr. Jagdeo is of the view that the approach of government to the environment now is not one that serves in the country’s best interest, as the position being formulated is now driven by persons with special interests.

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