Search still on for footballer and friend


The search for Alpha United goalkeeper, Ronson Williams and his friend, Carlos Anderson continues as the Police are yet to arrest and charge anyone in connection with their abduction.

Carlos Anderson & Ronson Williams
Carlos Anderson & Ronson Williams

With the Police still on the hunt for information about the two missing men, a prime suspect was recently questioned after landing in Guyana since a wanted bulletin was issued from him.


It was January this year that the Guyana Police Force issued a wanted bulletin for Gary Primo also known as ‘Gary Talk Out’ in connection with the disappearance of the National Footballer and his friend.


On June 12, the 41-year-old wanted man was picked up by the Police after returning to Guyana from New York on a Caribbean Airlines flight that morning.


A source told News Room that Primo was held for 72 hours and questioned about the two men’s disappearance, but was eventually released since he did not provide much information to the lawmen.


Carlos Anderson’s mother ever since September last year has not given up her search for answers and made it her duty to find her missing son whether dead or alive.


According to her, the Police have been working to find her son and his friend since there is surveillance footage of the two just days before their disappearance.


In February a prominent businessman was also taken into Police custody in relation to the two men’s disappearance.


Unconfirmed reports suggest that said businessman was robbed of millions and there might be a link to the men vanishing without a trace.


Williams and Anderson are said to have disappeared on September 10 and were last seen entering a silver-grey car in Bent Street heading to a football match that very evening.


The two have not been seen or heard from since that faithful night as their family long for closure and answers as to what went wrong.


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