Guyana & Peace Corps sign MOU to ensure sustainable management of natural resources


The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, along with the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Peace Corps to build the capacity of Guyanese to become better stewards of the environment and support effective management and use of the country’s Natural Resources.


Director, Peace Corps Guyana,  Linda Arbogast said the signing of the MOU will open the door to a broader Peace Corps involvement in Guyana.

She said interaction with communities close to Protected Areas led to the development of a project framework dubbed “Community based Youth and Environmental Education and Natural Resource Management” with the goal to building the capacity of Guyanese to become better environmental stewards.

Arbogast assured that the Peace Corps’ environmental volunteers would promote and support environmental awareness with youths through wildlife clubs, provide support to teachers in schools to incorporate environmental education into the school curriculum, among other things.



US Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway said the signing comes at a pivotal time, as the government intensifies its efforts to increase its biodiversity and conservation efforts.


Natural resources minister, Raphael Trotman has committed to working along with the Peace Corps volunteers in Guyana’s quest to properly manage its resources, while taking into consideration the people living in the communities and the flora and fauna.

Minister of Indigenous People’s affairs, Sydney Allicock echoed similar sentiments and gave his ministry’s assurance that the Peace Corps volunteers would be properly supported during their time here.

Ten Peace Corps environmental volunteers are currently being trained and will arrive here in September.

Communities in Regions one and nine would benefit from this collaboration.

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