NGSA Mathematics and Science results fell below previous years


The Ministry is yet to complete its analysis of the 2016 NGSA results, however, Minister of Education, Dr. Rupert Roopnarine noted that performance in English Language and Social Studies has been consistent with previous years while Mathematics and Science in 2016 fell below that of previous years.


“The analysis is currently being conducted to ascertain the specific areas in which pupils experienced the greatest difficulty” the minister said. This analysis he said, will have deep implications for the instructional approaches adopted by teachers going forward.


He added that the Ministry of Education has made concerted efforts to include items that would stimulate critical and higher level thinking.


Asked whether he is satisfied with the results, Dr. Roopnarine said “at this time, I would like to see a little bit more concentration, more work and I would like to see teachers in the classrooms, really ensuring that their curriculums are delivered and received by the students and above all, I want to really lift the level of the education system. I think there is still a great deal to be done.”


NGSA results 2016

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