PPP believes Gov’t “dragging out” forensic audits


The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) is not afraid of any potential conclusions that the forensic audits may have on its image. This is according to General Secretary, Clement Rohee.


Rohee said the PPP cannot be destroyed by any of the schemes of the Coalition Government but it remains a strong political force in Guyana with 32 seats in parliament.


In response to a question about the party’s image and potential blemishes as a result of the series of forensic audits commissioned by the new government on various agencies, Rohee said “I understand that the audits…they are making the rounds, they don’t seem to know what to do with these audits. Some are with Ramjattan (Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of National Security), some are with the presidency, some are with police, they all over the place…the proposition that was made to the effect that they ought to have the views of the previous boards or board members, we haven’t heard anything on those matters.”


In this regard, he noted that “I don’t think they should be too presumptuous in assuming that some blemishes will arise as a result of these audits because it seems they don’t know what to do.”


Rohee also said the PPP remains optimistic.


“There’s also a way that these people seem to be dragging out this thing to the next elections, in order to do whatever they want to do at that time with it” he noted.


The coalition government since taking office has commissioned several forensic audits including one of the state media agency, the National Communications Network which had revealed that the company never invoiced the political party for millions of dollars in advertisements leading back to 2011.


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