Sign Language course aims to eliminate communication barriers


Driven by the desire to help those who are vulnerable, Owner of Hollywood Benn Creative Arts, Romaine Benn is on a quest to teach young children the art of sign language in an effort to ease some of the communication difficulties deaf persons face daily.




Through a specially crafted Sign Language and craft summer course Ms. Benn is optimistic that she can help reduce communication difficulties faced by the dumb and deaf in society.

She spoke with News Room exclusively today highlighting the inspiration behind this initiative, noting that “it’s basically to help them have an understanding of the deaf culture.”



Ms. Benn explained that teaching children who are not deaf or dumb the art of sign language will also help in their personal development and expression.

The young entrepreneur completed the sign language programme at IDCE through the Deaf Association of Guyana, where she does volunteer work. She is also an experienced teacher.


The five weeks Basic Sign Language and Craft Summer Course will be held from July 15- August 13 at the Mae’s  School Annex at Lot 2 E Middleton Street. Ms. Benn can be contacted on telephone number 654 -0334 .



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