U.S Ambassador urges citizens to support their freedom


As the United States celebrates its 240th Independence Anniversary, it also celebrates 50 years of diplomatic relations with Guyana.

At a reception on Wednesday evening, U.S Ambassador to Guyana Perry Hollaway noted that freedom is often times taken for granted until some aspects of it is taken away, therefore he is calling on Guyanese and Americans alike to support their freedom daily.

“I implore each and every one of us, American, Guyanese or other nationality to do the right things everyday so that our grandchildren will enjoy the same freedoms…a few of the right things that I believe should be on everyone’s list; treat everyone with respect and equality…participate in your government, this means vote in elections, participate in political campaigns, engage in debates, write letters to the editor, don’t be caught standing on the side of the street as your country moves forward. When your candidate does not win, continue to participate because it will only make your country better” he told the gathering at the Mariott Hotel.


Speaking about the bilateral relations between the two countries, Ambassador Hollaway noted that despite, ups and downs, the relationship has proven to be fruitful. He said it remains quite strong, adding that the relation is based on mutual hopes and dreams. It is hoped, he said  that the relationship can lead to a more secure, prosperous and inclusive Guyana.

He alluded to the genetic part of the relationship between the two nations. “When I say genetic shared history, I was of course referring to the Guyanese Diaspora in the United States of America. While difficult to quantify, I relatively counted that there are over 800, 000 people in the United States who claim to be of Guyanese descent. That is more than there are in Guyana. These Guyanese are productive members of our society” the Ambassador fondly stated.

The U.S envoy urged citizens to pay their taxes and hold the government accountable for using them well.


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo delivered a message penned by President David Granger in which Guyana congratulated the U.S.

The Prime Minister spoke of the assistance received from the US noting that “Guyana looks forward to sharing best practices and experiences with the Government of the United States of America as we responsibly secure the gains from the extraction of our natural resources including petroleum. It is Guyana’s (aim) which the relationship between our two countries is deepened and strengthened even further in years ahead through increased cooperation. ”


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