The Original Palm Court : An Ideal Entertainment haven for all



Of course, it’s possible to have a fabulous “Hangover-style” night almost anywhere. But there are only a few places in Guyana which have been able to comfortably earn the reputation of providing the most unforgettable parties/events. One such place is The Original Palm Court located on Main Street.

In this article, we examine the features of this entertainment spot which has held our attention for years and captivated us with many exhilarating experiences.





You can try as hard as you want but Palm Court’s aura is a feature which refuses to be ignored. It’s an aura that makes you feel welcomed to show up in practically whatever you want to wear. I have personally seen women partying in their pyjamas at Palm Court and they were having the time of their lives. (PS. There is a dress code but not a strict one at that. It’s just that men are now allowed with ¾ pants and hats etc.) There is simply an indelible element of comfort and acceptance with this night spot and it takes more than just a cool setting, great drinks and a fantastic DJ  to achieve this.



At the Original Palm Court, you can find just about every spirit your palate yearns for. And for the ladies who desire a beverage that provides more of a flirtatious ride to the “High-side” of the night then their tasty cocktails are sure to mesmerize your senses. At this night spot, their bartenders are professional and make it their business to mark your faces and know your drinks, likes and dislikes. They are courteous bunch of people who make it hard not to strike up a friendship. However, for those who may desire the eccentric nuances of wine, then perhaps they would be a bit disappointed as a range of wines to choose from do not exist there. It is hoped that over time, they would expand in their varieties.




The structural arrangement for Palm Court really adds to the strong character of the complex. It comes with two levels; an upper and lower floor. The upper level usually facilitates VIP arrangements for huge events while the ground floor is usually home to most of the action taking place during the week. The ground floor also holds the main bar which is practically in the centre of the complex. It is also well tiled and embellished by beautifully coloured, miniature square tiles. There is also a stage on the northern side of the ground floor which usually hosts the DJs of the night.



Customer service

With almost every business in Guyana, customer service is usually an area which needs constant work. At Palm Court, customer service is perhaps not the perkiest you’d encounter but the staff there often times, try their best to tend to customers and handle their orders in a very respectable manner. And for their hard work and effort, they do deserve much appreciation. It is hoped that they continue to build and improve on their craft.




This is one area where Palm Court scores a 9 out of 10. Not only are they prompt when it comes to tending to the most unexpected issues but they are great at conflict resolution. Additionally, the guys who are part of the entity’s security detail are extremely courteous. And guess what? They are always on the look-out for young women who may be alone and most times would assist them to their mode of transportation to ensure they are safe and sound. They do their job with a high standard of professionalism. And for their consistency and high standard, they must be commended.



Services provided

Apart from being known for their infamously crazy parties, Palm Court also offers tantalizing restaurant services, and for goodness gracious me, if you get the chance, I urge you to try their curried chicken with rice. It is always served warm and filled with a hypnotizing yet satisfying potion. Trust me, you’ll be back for more. Overall , their international, regional and local menu offers will certainly leave you satisfied. Moving on, they also offer hookah services which is currently one of the most trending party features and they do make a really good one.



Types of Parties

At Palm Court, you’re bound to have a blast with almost every visit as they attract easily, some of the country’s top party/events promoters who usually hold nothing back to make you wish the night would never end. And to top it all off , the music is 9 out of 10 times, always on point. It’s really just one of those places where you never have to ask “What kind of party is going down tonight and will I enjoy it?”


What makes it unique

I can go on and on about all the great nuances of this exceptional entertainment complex but that aside, what makes this spot unique is its “homely” aura which is one of its most poignant, flawless, character traits that can easily make you see pass any negligible flaws.


To be continued …


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