Region 6 REO comes in for harsh criticisms at Statutory Meeting 


by Malisa Playter Harry


At a recently held Statutory Meeting in Region 6, Regional Executive Officer Dr. Veerasammy Ramayya came under harsh criticism for his alleged ‘lackadaisical attitude’ towards his work at the RDC.


The meeting which was attended by councillors of both the Government and Opposition sides along with the Regional Chairman Mr. David Armogan saw many throwing stones at Ramayya.


Mr. Zaman Hussain, PPP/C councillor and Education Sub- Committee head in his address accused Ramayya of appearing on one of his popular television programmes and making political statements.


He urged councillors to make a strong stand against the REO with regard to statements being made. Hussain is alleging that these statements can only be approved by Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan and is pushing for it to be stopped immediately.


According to one councillor, Ramayya was already notified by the Minister to desist from making television appearances on issues, but the programme continues regardless of the warnings. The councillor indicated that a letter will be sent to the Minister regarding the matter.


Councillors on both sides hurled criticisms for the manner in which Ramayya has been carrying out his work at the Council. According to the Councillors he rarely shows up to meetings, and was visibly absent at the statutory meeting.


A suggestion was also made for the matter be taken to the President.


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