Enmore/Hope NDC calling for Gov’t’s intervention to address issues


After experiencing recurring issues at the level of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), the Enmore/Hope NDC is calling on the Minister of Communities to intervene.


News Room on Tuesday spoke to members of the NDC who related that the district is now plagued with garbage disposal issues which are the product of not only political differences but a lack of understanding on where the responsibility of the Region ends and theirs begin.


The councillors said since the installation of the new council, every one of it’s’ meetings were disrupted by the councillor representing A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC).


“Basically, he will make all different noise, sing all sort of song and we can’t go along” one councillor said.


Councillor Mark Mahase


According to Vice Chairman, Mark Mahase, there is also an issue with the tractor which is being used for the collection of garbage.


“Every time the tractor go to the dump site, on a regular basis, the tractor ah puncture…we continue to patch and patch until we get two new tires and then an additional two…the first day the tractor go out with the new tire, the new tire ‘bus’ (burst) at the dumpsite…for the past couple of months, we already spent over one million dollars” Mahase said.


A visit to various spots around the community today did confirm the garbage collection problem.


This has led to the NDC dismissing the tractor driver following two warning letters which further exacerbated the garbage collection problem.


The decision was then taken to hire a private contractor at a fraction of the cost that was being racked up but the in-house driver, but this move brought on a new problem where the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) is deeming the act to be illegal.


“We have Chapter 28:02 that was given to us by the region that guides us…the region comes and ‘bulldoze’ all of those things. By finding the operator, they said the chairman has no right to do that” another councillor explained.


The NDC is also concerned about projects being executed by the RDC, within its jurisdiction with their knowledge.

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