Corentyne shop-owners beaten and robbed; Police said ‘no patrol vehicle available’


By Malisa Playter Harry

The owners of ‘Chill Grocery and Parlor’ at 195 Nigg South, Corentyne Berbice were on Wednesday evening beaten and robbed by five armed bandits at the business place.


Mr. and Mrs. Karamalall were visibly shaken when News Room visited the location on Thursday.


Injured shop owner Nandeshwar Karamalall aka as ‘Chill’ recounted that shortly after closing his shop, sometime around 19:30 hrs, five masked men entered the shop with guns and cutlasses. He said he was pushed to the ground as the men ‘broadsided’ him with the cutlasses about his body.

Nandeshwar Kamalall
Nandeshwar Karamalall

Mrs. Karamalall recounted that two men stayed outside with cutlasses with her husband while the other three men who had guns in their possession, jumped over the shop counter and demanded cash and jewellery.

Dharama Devi Karamalall
Dharama Devi Karamalall

The fearful woman pointed out that one of the men ‘gun-butted’ her to the head and she then told them ‘yes we guh give yuh, just hold on’.


At the time, the woman said her two daughters; 3 and 12 years old were with her. She said one of the men ‘chucked’ the child about the body threatening to kill her if the cash was not handed over.


According to Mrs. Karamalall the armed men demanded that she take them to the upper flat of their home, however she refused telling them ‘meh newly open dis shop and meh na get nothing more fa give ayuh, dis is all meh get, ayuh tek it and go’.


The shop was opened four months ago.


Among items taken from the family are; a Plum Cellular Phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone, over $30,000 in phone cards, Cigarettes, approximately $60,000 in cash and other valuables and shop items


The men escaped on bicycles towards a street which is a short distance from the shop, according to the couple.


They also stated that minutes after the men left, a call was made to the Albion Police Station where they were told that no ‘patrol vehicle’ was available at the time. This resulted in the police showing up 30-45 minutes later.


Mr. Karamalall sustained injuries about the face and back whilst his wife was left with injuries to her head after being hit with the gun.


News Room also spoke to other residents of the Corentyne village who expressed disgust at the Police ranks stationed at the Albion Police Station: located five minutes from the village.


The residents related that the officers’ slow response to incidents has caused many losses. Residents are also asking that street lights be put in place as this may assist with the security problems in the community.

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