Man sentenced to three years in prison for break and enter


By Malisa Playter Harry

Chris Ramspersaud of East Canje Berbice was on Wednesday sentenced to three years in prison, for breaking and entering a house located in Bath Settlement and carting off approximately $1M in cash and jewellery.


Rampersaud appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore at the Fort Wellington Magistrate Court, where he pleaded guilty to the charge of breaking and entering the home of Nafeeza Wazim, of Bathe Settlement and stealing four gold rings valued at $72,000, four gold chains valued $122,000, 6 pairs of gold bangles valued at $725,00, three pairs of earrings valued $8000 and $160,000 in cash. Rampersaud also stole a quantity of Brazilian jewellery, valued at $42,000.


He was given two and a half years imprisonment for breaking and entering the home and six months for escaping from lawful custody.


37-year-old, Rampersaud, told the court that he broke into Wazim’s house but only stole the Brazilian jewellery.


Police Prosecutor, Inspector Althea Soloman, informed the court that public-spirited citizens apprehended Rampersaud and the Brazilian jewellery was recovered.


However, after being handed over to the police, Rampersaud pushed a female officer to the ground and made his escape. He was subsequently arrested by lawmen who immediately chased after him.


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