NGSA top student graduates; parents urged to participate in child’s education


One of the students who copped the top place at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA); Aryan Singh on Thursday graduated from the Dharmic Rama Krishna primary school.


Mae’s Under 12; Anthony Ferreira along with Aryan Singh copped top places at this year’s NGSA with 568 marks each. Copping second was Arun Sooknarine who also achieved 5th place in the country with 562 marks.


Speaking at today’s graduation ceremony, the school’s head teacher, Mrs. Coonjah pointed out that her top students have demonstrated the same traits throughout their school years.


The elated teacher noted that the class of 2016 has made the school proud, adding that “it is every teacher’s dream to have a top student.”


President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Dr. Vindhya Persaud laud the children’s performance and called on parents to support their children in their education. She noted that this helps them to excel.


“Tell your children persevere…motivate them and if they sometimes fall short of your expectations, teach them so that they can get up and make it the next time…I also want every parent to be active in their child’s life. Don’t only send them to school and leave it to the teachers, be a part of your child’s education., work with them…the efforts you put in, the efforts the teacher put in, those are the kind of results that we are enjoying today” Dr. Persaud said.


Chairman of the School Board of Directors, Bhaskarand Singh highlighted that the school’s lowest percentage at this years’ NGSA is 70%.


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