Abuse of girls ages 10 and under: Mother and Step-father to be charged


By Malisa Playter Harry

Charges are to be laid shortly against a step-father Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice who is accused of raping his step-daughters ages, 10, 7 and 4. The mother of the children is also expected to be charged with Neglect.


This is according to Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam.


The children will be placed in the care of the Child Care and Protection Agency.


The three girls were taken to the New Amsterdam Police Station by a School’s Welfare Officer on Thursday morning after being picked up on the Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice (EBB) Seawall. After being questioned, the girls said they were abused and told to leave their home.


The Commander recommended that the girls be medically examined, upon which it was confirmed that the sisters were subjected to some form of sexual abuse and they were admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital for observation.


The mother who has a total of 14 children, 11 girls and 3 boys was arrested on Friday morning while the man was on Saturday morning arrested at his home in Edinburgh Village.


During a visit to the village, residents stated that the children who reside with the mother and step-father along with their 5-month-old sibling were victims to constant abuse from the step-father.


“He does cuss dem children and pelt dem with anything he could find” one resident said.


They stated that the mother, who is a domestic worker, would normally venture out early in the morning to work.


Some residents further stated that the mother seldom takes care of the children, noting that most of the time they are left hungry and unkempt.


“Sometimes we does hide and give them children things to eat because if she see she cuss dem and cuss we nasty” the resident said.


Reports state that the man is an abuser of drugs and alcohol. He is not fully employed, but would normally do odd jobs around the village and nearby villages.


While the residents were angry at the situation, they expressed relief that the children are in safer hands and the parents “who are supposed to be protectors  and keepers of their children” are going to face charges.

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