Findings of 2012 Census shows proportionate decline in the populations of main ethnic groups


The findings of the 2012 Census, as published in the recently released Compendium Two highlights a continued proportionate decline in the populations of the main ethnic groups and a compensatory increase among the Mixed-race and Indigenous populations.

This is according to a press release issued today on behalf of the  Bureau of Statistics.


The final population count stands at 746,955 persons.


The distribution pattern of the ethnic groups remains unaffected since the 2002 Census with Indo-Guyanese remaining as the largest  group followed by those of African Heritage, the Mixed Race, the Indigenous peoples and the Portuguese, respectively.


The Final Report for the 2012 Census will be disseminated in four (4) main Compendiums.

It was noted that the upcoming Compendium Three analyses the important Economic Activity profile of the population and will be disseminated by the end of August, while the final Compendium which will address the remaining key Topics such as Education, Fertility, Mortality and Housing will be disseminated by the end of November.


The Compendiums are available for free download on the Bureau’s website



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