Deputy Mayor came with too many expectations- Mayor


Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Sherod Duncan has been deemed “dishonest” by Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, following recent comments made in relation to not being afforded certain benefits from the city council.


During an interview with News Room on Wednesday, the Mayor said: “now the thing that is so upsetting is that the Deputy Mayor is so dishonest, very very dishonest and that is upsetting.”


According to reports, the Deputy Mayor said Since assuming office on April 1, he has not been granted a vehicle or a driver but has instead been forced to do his duties around the city on a bicycle.


Patricia Chase-Green said the Deputy Mayor’s Office does not come with certain benefits and it’s a matter currently being drawn to the attention of the Communities Minister.


“When Sooba (former Town Clerk; Carol Sooba) wanted to come and board-up that office saying the Deputy Mayor wasn’t entitled to an office, we fought to maintain an office for a Deputy Mayor and Secretary; never had a driver, never had a personal assistant but the Deputy came with all these expectations and because he wasn’t given it, I think he is upset. I said to him, I’m discussing these matters with the Minister of Communities so he’s looking at it” the Mayor related.


When it comes to the Deputy Mayor having 24-hour security at his private home, Mayor Chase-Green said he has not submitted the relevant paper work to facilitate that entitlement.


The Mayor said her relationship with the Deputy Mayor is one that is professional.


“We have a working relationship,” she said.


Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan was quoted by one of the daily newspapers as saying he pays his own phone bill and did not receive other payments which are usually signed off by the Town Clerk.

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