Four seriously injured as race car slams into spectators at Wallerfield


( Four people were seriously injured as a car travelling at high speed at the Wallerfield racing course, smashed into a crowd of onlookers after going airborne.  The accident occurred on Sunday afternoon during one of the final races of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships in Trinidad and Tobago.

Video of the accident uploaded online, shows a Mazda RX8, driven by Guyanese Mohan Rangasammy, slamming into the barrier and running off the course at the Frankie Boodram Racing Facility, stopping some distance away from the crowd.

Moments after, Trinidad’s David Lyons’ car come from behind, left the track at the same position and went airborne before slamming into the crowd of onlookers.

At least one woman ended trapped under the vehicle as frantic spectators rushed to lift the vehicle. Four people including the driver were rushed to hospital suffering from various serious injuries.

Three were taken to the Arima hospital while the woman who was caught under the vehicle has been rushed to the Mount Hope hospital for emergency treatment.

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