American Students and locals Exchange Culture


Representatives from the U.S. Embassy travelled with 32 students and staff from universities around the United States to the Amerindian village of St. Cuthbert, where the students conducted various exercises in youth leadership and team building with the over 70 school-aged youths.


According to the Embassy the event was planned by members of the U.S. Embassy and the village leader, Mr. Lennox Shuman.



In addition to providing some lessons on the basics of leadership and the importance of role models and personal values, the event provided local youth and their American counterparts with the opportunity to interact and develop an understanding of each other’s culture and way of life.



The students and staff are part of the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency programme that provides college students and faculty with the opportunity to travel around the world to conduct humanitarian projects and events, enhancing their understanding of differing lifestyles and culture.



The U.S. Embassy says it will continue with its commitment to support local, regional and national government initiatives to support on-going programs for youth and remote populations throughout Guyana.


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