Deputy CEO of Education Ministry urges Educators to “make learning relevant”


The school system in Guyana is in dire need of trained Guidance and Career Counselors, as well as teachers who can identify slow learners and those subjected to emotional and other forms of abuse.


Deputy Chief Education Officer, Donna Chapman examined a number of shortcomings within the sector that need urgent attention  including suitable accommodation for Coastland teachers working in Hinterland locations. She said many schools in remote areas have lost trained teachers due to this.


Acknowledging that there are many policies, Chapman called for educators to “make learning relevant” in schools by appealing to the special interests of students.



Chapman questioned if the information garnered from the Literacy Diagnostic Tests which should be conducted in Grades One and Two are being adequately utilized to determine the needs of students.


She acknowledged that is many cases these tests are not conducted with various excuses provided by the respective schools.




Attendance and Punctuality of teachers, the inclusion of Substitute Teachers and an improved Mentoring Programme were some other shortcomings highlighted by Chapman, who stressed that Educators need to work harder at implementing and sustaining the many policies that are currently available.


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