Responsibility of Environment sector removed from Trotman; now falls under MOTP


Responsibility for the Environment Sector will be removed from the Ministry of Natural Resources and relocated to the Ministry of Presidency.


This is to ensure that the Oil and Gas sector receives the undivided attention of the Minister of Natural Resources.


Minister of state, Joseph Harmon, who made the announcement today said the President saw the need for the split because of the demands of both sectors.“The President intends to take a firm handle on issues in the Environment to ensure that we get the benefits that accrue from investments in this particular sector,” Harmon said.


When pressed Minister Harmon also revealed that while no specific persons has been identified to oversee the Environment sector within the Ministry of the Presidency, there were already several departments dealing with the sector that reported to the President- a model that was in place since the PPP administration’s time in office. He also noted that the move would also improve transparency.


The State Minister noted that “part of the Environmental sector is already under the Ministry of the Presidency, so the President’s intention is to ensure that all of these entities are in the same place.”



Speaking specifically on the Extractive sector, Minister Harmon said cabinet was briefed by Exxon Mobil officials following the June 30 announcement about the second oil find.


The company is also expected to host a series of briefings and consultations with politicians, civil society and the private sector.

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