19 -year-old falls to death while working at rice mill


By Royan Abrams


Dead is 19- year- old Leroy Bennett of Alness Village Corentyne Berbice, who fell to his death.


According to information received, it was just after 2:30 hours today Friday July 29,2016 when other workers at the Ancient County Rice Mill witnessed the young man falling from approximately 60 ft above the rice mill where he was fixing several pipes.


News Room learnt that the young man was picked up and rushed to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where he later died.


When this news agency arrived at the Rice mill following the incident, police were seen conducting their investigation while persons were prevented from entering the compound.


Manager Rameshwar Chanilall only disclosed that the now dead man was conducting duties when he fell. He refused to reveal what may have contributed to him falling to his death.


Meanwhile, over at the young man’s home, his mother Cora Bennet, who was crying uncontrollably related that she was not at home when she received a telephone call informing her of the incident. She said assurances were given that her son was safe.


“I received a call from he boss man and they told me that me son injured and meh seh how he gone injure himself…I said bad injure and they said no not bad injured and that they taking him to Port Mourant Hospital” she said.


The woman added that ” his words to me was let me nah tek on that insurance gonna look after he…when we meet at the hospital I saw him on the bed he lay down straight and no movement and the doctor said they ain’t finding no beat and that he dead”


As she was being consoled by her neighbours, the woman revealed that her son was the best among her children and was a loving person.


Commander of ‘B’ Division Ian Amsterdam told News Room that he is not fully briefed on the incident but is aware that it occurred.


He disclosed that investigations are ongoing.


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