CCJ rules in favour of Glen Lall in Ramsahoye/KN libel case


The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled that the appeal of a Court of Appeal ruling in the case between Kaieteur News Publisher, Glen Lall and Dr Walter Ramsahoye will be allowed.


Lall through his attorneys Sanjeev Datadin and Stephen Singh appealed the September 2015 ruling by the Court of Appeal which awarded $15M in damages to Dr. Ramsahoye, an increase from the initial $4.5M awarded by the High Court.


Now the CCJ has ordered that the Cross Appeal and consequential orders be dismissed save for the High Court award of $4.5M, and for the Respondent (Dr Ramsahoye) to pay the costs of the Appellants at the CCJ.


Attorney Sanjeev Datadin

News Room reached out to Mr Lall’s Attorney, Mr. Datadin for comment on the conclusion who said the ruling was the first libel case to be heard by the CCJ. Asked if he thought it was a “landmark decision” he said it could be a fair description … “time will tell.”


Dr. Ramsahoye filed a libel suit against Lall and the Newspaper in 2000, following publications during the period January 21 and February 10, 2000, which depicted the medical practitioner and Neurologist as gloating about his achievements and basing the reputation of great doctors on the number of distinguished patients “who die under their care.” He alleged that the publications brought him much humiliation in society and damaged his character and profession. At the time, Kaieteur News was a weekly publication.


Dr Ramsahoye’s lawyers had argued at the level of the Court of the Appeal that there was a case for special damages and the new award should consider the falling value in Guyanese currency and interest for the period from the cause of action to judgement.

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