Cemetery earmarked for cricket ground- Corentyne residents ‘riled up’



By Malisa Playter Harry


Following requests for a playfield at the Number 56 Village, Corentyne, the Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) has earmarked a plot of land for the new development. However, residents are now claiming that the land was once used as a cemetery and therefore is not suitable for the venture.


Residents  say the land which was cleared about a week ago was known as a village ‘burial ground’.


It was noted that over 200 persons were buried there, and the NDC is now being accused of disturbing their ancestors, claiming that the relatives of the deceased still partake in cleaning the area and repainting the tombs.


According to them the plot of land was owned by ‘Old Poonai’ who gave a section of the land for the burial of family members but other villagers also utilized the area.


News Room solicited a comment from the Acting Regional Chairman, Dennis DeRoop who claimed that the area belongs to the 52/74 NDC and is part of the reserve.


Chairman of the 52/74 NDC, Davanand Chaitram said since 1988, some residents had applied for the land to establish a cricket field.


“I have never known that place to be a cemetery. All I know is that in the plan that land was reserved and it was highly forested. A part of that land was given to build the water treatment plant and the water treatment plant is there working. The people in the area requested to have a playfield and the NDC sought assistance from the regional administration. Now people are saying that there was a burial ground which I never knew about,” Chaitram said.


However, the NDC Chairman said the fact that a tomb is visible on the land; it will have to be advised on the way forward.

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