Police investigating violation of safety rules in teen’s death


By Royan Abrams


Police officers are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 19-year-old Leroy Bennett of Alness Village, Corentyne, Berbice who died after falling from the roof of a Rice mill on Friday afternoon.

19-year-old Leroy Bennett
19-year-old Leroy Bennett

According to the commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam, the investigators are working to determine whether the rice company violated any Occupational Health and Safety rules or regulations.


He related that the police are also awaiting the result of a post-mortem.


News Room visited the mother of the teen, Cora Bennett earlier today (Saturday, July 30, 2016) who related that she is still not clear on what transpired, resulting in her son’s death.


“I don’t understand wha going on, the people ain’t tell me wha really happen but I want the police to look into this thing seriously” she said.


She added that “them people seh he didn’t had on any safety gear or helmet when he fall down but the boss man ain’t telling we anything.”


At about 14:30 hours yesterday afternoon (Friday, July 29, 2016), the management of the Rice mill was informed that the teen who was working on the roof: 60 feet above ground, had fallen to his death.


During a visit to the Rice mill, several workers who asked for their names to be withheld, related that since they have been working at the facility there has not been any attempt to ensure their safety.

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