Corriverton Town Council to spend over $1M on massive clean-up effort


By Royan Abrams


The clean-up project which started a week ago in Corriverton is expected to be completed within three months.


This information was divulged by the town’s Mayor, Ganesh Gangadin during an exclusive interview with NewsRoom.


corriverton mayor

Workers from the Drainage and Irrigation department of the Corriverton Mayor and Town Council have started clearing the overburden and overgrowth from the road shoulders to ensure that it is a lot easier to maintain in the future.

“We (are) also picking up all old vehicles, garbage from along the roadsides, we cleaning the drains and we are removing the desilt materials and overgrowth and so forth and dumping it at another location” the Mayor said.



The clean-up effort is to ensure Corriverton is kept in a manner which will allow its maintenance at a minimal cost.



According to the Mayor, it will take some 500 hours for the entire town to be cleaned.


Gangadin said “the Regional Democratic Council is greatly assisting us right now, they are providing the machine and what we are doing is paying just the stipend for the operator travelling and other small maintenance cost.”


Upon completion of the exercise, residents are being urged to maintain their surroundings in an effort  to assist the council since the taxes collected at the end of the year are not enough for it to maintain the town and execute its projects.





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