Reparation is also about self-repair and educating the youths


Secretary of the Guyana Reparations Committee, Esther Gittens says Reparation is not only about the monetary aspect but self-repair and Education of the younger generation regarding African history.


During  the emancipation celebrations held on Monday, Gittens made mention of some 25 discriminatory laws that hinder the practice of African traditional religious practices, noting that “we still have a very long way to go…we still have to get in tune with our language…we have to regain our names.”

She said these are just some of the many things the committee is fighting for.



The Reparations baton is currently in Guyana and the committee has been visiting several communities across Guyana to raise awareness about the movement.


The reparations movement, which started in the 1990s is not just about money, according to research, it is also about an acknowledgement of guilt and involvement in the slave trade and in colonial exploitation. It is about an apology for slavery and exploitation, and the return of artefacts stolen from Africa.


The movement is also about educating children of African descent about their heritage, accurately portraying African history and acknowledging Africa’s contribution to world history and civilisation.


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