54-year-old man commits suicide


By Malisa Playter

A man is now dead after hanging himself inside his Belvedere, Corentyne home on Sunday.


54-year-old Narine Bridjmohan of 425 Belvedere Squatting Area was discovered by his son-in-law, Keshan on Sunday afternoon.

Keshan, Son-in-law
Keshan, Son-in-law

Keshan told News Room that he last saw his father-in-law imbibing with some friends earlier in the day and he went over to “check on” Bridjmohan later in the day when he made the gruesome discovery.


He said he ventured upstairs and peeked into the house since the door was left ajar and that was when he saw his father-in-law hanging by the neck with a cord, from a beam in the house.


Keshan related that he then called out to neighbours and they rushed over to see what was happening.


The police were summoned to the scene after which his body was removed and taken to the funeral parlor.


The man’s daughter disclosed that her father was heard earlier in the day saying that he wants to end his life. She noted that herself and others spoke to him and “he seemed in a better frame of mind” after the talk but did not know her father was still determined to commit suicide.


She related stated that her father became a habitual drinker after her mother left to go abroad about three months ago.



The dead man’s wife is expected to return to Guyana on Wednesday.

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