Over the last five years… Guyana’s Entertainment Industry has seen tremendous investment and development


For the untamed soul, Guyana’s entertainment industry teems with adrenaline-charged activities that are sure to engrave upon your psyche an unforgettable experience.


But for the composed lover of life, it beholds enchanting opportunities, to unwind and revel the nation’s rich yet turbulent past that abounds.


The traditional and modern nuances of the entertainment industry, some of which still remain untapped, continue to be captivating factors along with the discovered successes of some entities which paint the sector as being viable and promising of great returns.


The industry is one that incorporates elements such as its developing music arena, the diverse culinary arts, the beverage and fine alcohol division, the crazy-fun parties, opulent hotel complexes for entertainers alone, performance arts and stand up comedies at theatres, cinemas, night clubs, poetry groups and party promotions.


Over the last five years alone, almost each element in the local entertainment industry has seen a prospering newcomer.


No longer does Sheriff Street hold on to the title of being Guyana’s ‘entertainment central’ as the playing field has now been transformed into a competitive one where many involved vie for the support of the nocturnal revellers, both sedate and adventurous.


It has without a doubt led to the standards in the entertainment business being raised.


Sizzling with life after dark is Lamaha Street which saw the establishment of the 704 Sports Bar and Club as well as Camp Street which saw the emergence of Gravity Longue and Bar as well as South View Tavern on Aubrey Barker Road.


Even though these relatively new spots have caused quite a stir, oldies like Palm Court and the Hibiscus Restaurant continue to hold firm to their established positions on the market.


The Cinema industry which was thought to have been driven to a state of obsolescence with the take-over of DVDS and DVD Players on the market saw one of Guyana’s Premier Hotels, Princess Hotel opening two 3D Digital Movie theatres last year. The Giftland Mall also joined in the game and unleashed its ultra sleek Caribbean Cinemas.


The high-quality service provided and state-of-the-art setting at both cinemas attracts an overwhelming audience on most nights.


The hotel Industry also saw the construction of a new member, La Vista Hotel, perfectly perched on a hill in the beautiful developing town of Bartica. It serves as the perfect haven for local and regional entertainers to enjoy tranquillity and privacy at its best.


Once it is entertainment there must be food and the sector has been complimented by a new food and bar corner owned by Sean Major Entertainment.


This lounge is housed with the best burgers and sandwiches in town and while it is already off to an amazing start, it aims to serve the appetites of the entertainment division with a cultural finesse and in a comfortable ambience.


DJ’S have also been in high demand as promoters now seem willing to pay big bucks for these musical doctors who truly understand how to increase the heartbeat of the crowd and to maintain it. There is an art to this field and there has been a craze over it.


While these are traditional areas which have garnered much attention, one aspect of the arena has certainly seen an increase in its demand.


Whether it has an exotic name, virgin taste or a blend of frozen alcoholic spirits, cocktails have transformed into the new craze with entities investing thousands of dollars and even try to steal the best mixologists around simply to produce the best signature cocktails to offer the public.


And all night spots are involved: Palm Court, the Aura Bar and Lounge, the Gravity Longue, 704 Sports Bar and Longue, the Hibiscus Restaurant and Bar, and even South View Tavern.


There are currently over 700 signature cocktails among these entities all of which continue to be extreme sellers on the market even before dawn.


It is such a competitive field that some businesses have been engaged in luring each other’s bartenders to get the secret of theirs.


Of course, that is not a peculiar move but what is also interesting is that some businesses have hired some of the best mixologists from around the Caribbean to Guyana’s shores to share ideas and create the most astounding blends to satisfy the ever discerning palates of the Guyanese public.


Taking into consideration the commitment of Guyana’s diverse private sector, it would be foolhardy for one to not draw the obvious conclusion that Guyana’s entertainment industry is proving to be viable, promising and profitable.

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